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May contain MATURE content. Reader Discretion Advised.

Usually write free verse poems, usually tapping into the horror madness & grief areas. What can I say - I haz pain and poetry is very healthy outlet for it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shadow Upon a Rose

A broken heart and shattered mind,
Darkness rings true for her tonight,
Love that should not be scorned,
Rivers can be torn apart,
Shadow upon a rose
Overthrows the dew

Arisen this cold morning
Enshrouded of mist
Too near the graveyard
That wasn’t there before
Wraithen glimmers creep closer
That subtle flower hides these none

Duty to persevere
Stricken shallow
The rose is covered now
Somber is the taste of midnight
Riven from the bone
Forced as a veil upon the day

Wash the haze from mine eyes,
Scour the dregs
A yield of shades of oblivion,
Reckless hindsight
No tolerance of foreshadow
The thing is done

© Christina  Nabity
Written August 6, 2012

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