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Usually write free verse poems, usually tapping into the horror madness & grief areas. What can I say - I haz pain and poetry is very healthy outlet for it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stricken Little Moments

One foot out the door,
The other in the grave
Knew it was over then, before and after
Many stricken little moments;
Still I hung on
These threads are all there is some days

As I hung, all bled away
Icy grip on my heart
Fire in my belly,
As I dreamt it
So it was;
The question which haunts -
How much of me dies?

All beyond repair
Now so many tainted memories
Suspicions proved true
Solid was my sight,
Yet when it came
I had no defense;
Another lie,
Forewarned is not always forearmed

So damaged
The truth hit home
Then home was gone
There is no us
Adrift, lost
I cannot contain
Obliterated as it were;
Had a glimpse
Then nothing more

Unsure of everything
Certain of nothing
A candle in the light does no good
So I could not escape this fate;
Knowing that which is to come
Does nothing to ease the pain

Bits of a dead heart
Strung together by the barest of thread,
Burned destruction through my mind
Broken trust into scattered ashes
How does this repair?

© Christina Nabity
Written December 29, 2011

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