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May contain MATURE content. Reader Discretion Advised.

Usually write free verse poems, usually tapping into the horror madness & grief areas. What can I say - I haz pain and poetry is very healthy outlet for it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tired Remorse

Filter through the lies
Stand amidst the fallen
For no other footing is solid
Gentle ache
Splintered dreams
And Pale moments
Scream and cry

Cold slivers of madness
Nightmares as I sleep
Awake drowning in my own sweat
And the worst regrets as a knife
Twisting through my eye
Eyes I sometimes wish were blind
Lost and slight
Weak fevered whispers
Denials of the worst truths

Pictures in flame
Still not enough to erase
Am I the lowly traitor?
Drown me, sweet Mnemosyne
Shall I fade away?
Symptoms of a lost mind
Glimmers of a time
Before the damage had been done
So haunting, lilting tremors
If I could but be a bit like that girl again

Unravel at such a sight
Though only within a memory...

© Christina Nabity
Written August 9, 2011

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