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Usually write free verse poems, usually tapping into the horror madness & grief areas. What can I say - I haz pain and poetry is very healthy outlet for it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Already Been

I am so misplaced in this
Ruining me in ways you'll never know
I return yet again
All reasoning lost
My emptiness fed upon
A tiny sliver of hope
And my skin does peel,
Traveling where I've already been
And now they tell me to kneel
Somehow this gives me power
Sinister strength gurgling below the surface

Somewhere one of their own falls dead
An echo of my twisted re-occurrence;
Shoved into dark smoldering places
Compressed in a corner
Bite my lip to keep from trembling
Time and place become so undecided
Screaming so loud no one can hear,
Driven inward, nails raking my skin
Pins pricking my nerve endings
Torture beyond surreal
Slipping back into a different state of mind
Traveling where I've already been
Seen it all before but unaware
Triggered on a splintered moment
When was this already passed?
Remembering words from strangers
Long before they're spoken
A thick sickening sense of deja vu
Smothers and encumbers, I cannot breathe
Disoriented right out of my mind
And the sounds shut off
This we have done before
Yes it resonates, pale filthy repetition
And I'm slammed out of place
The scent has retired
And I'm left holding the door...

© Christina Nabity
Written: April 27, 2007 & September 21, 2007
Went to re-write & update some poem I'd written in 1997, and wound up instead with this entirely different poem, started this version April '07 set it aside, forgot about it, then finished it September '07.
Largely it reflects my trepidation at the frequency with which I experienced deja vu and to a much lesser degree strangely out of place things strangers said to me back then.

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