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Usually write free verse poems, usually tapping into the horror madness & grief areas. What can I say - I haz pain and poetry is very healthy outlet for it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Liquid Rises to a Lesser Known Queen

Something has begun, alpha tidings trilling, echoing,
Exploding in consumptive ripples through out my mind
Solids seeping in liquid formations and insulting vapors
Sully my mind skulking amongst the darker spots of dirt
Scold my form, knock my predilections,
I know you now as I knew you then;
High Mountains of purported golden paradise
Shrouding untold hells in virtuous mystery,
A death knell tolling for the world of man
Oh fortunate opportunity for sweet gloom and succulent doom

Entomb my soul in a thick sea of delectable smurf snacks
Eating my way through to some fucked up rainbow kingdom
Where joys of my past haunt me in nightmares
Grotesqued into sick phantoms of what had been;
Solid into liquid, then into vapor,
Kneel before the king -
Supine supplication of the gelded masses
Rapturously entrapped in their
Guilded cages of red tape and sedatives
A life so mind numbing to drug us into submission;
I will not submit -
Suffer my indifference
As I cozy up to a lesser known queen;

The world has morphed into a place of dense, tedious frustration
Time drained from me,
I will never regain -
Sucking my energies and my oeuvre away
Duty calls me, bids me
- Minion create, so that I might have something worth destroying,
A servant, in some divine altercation,
A ruler, in some lower level of indescribable hell,
A machination of insoluble frozen cycles of eternal struggle
Often touted in terms of good vs evil
Ever forgetting to mention the silent ninjas of unaffiliated agendas,
Neutral in choice of battles and friend or foe,
Yet fighting none the less,
Walking in a less trodden path,
Cutting a bloody fucking swath through the unprepared competition,
Turning the solid battle field into liquid beneath their feet,
Drowning such blind followers in the wake of their own sour damnation,
And unknowingly earning the favor of that wild eyed queen;

An abominable snowman, in one level of Hell,
Sits chucking flaming iceballs at the heads of the good and evil sheep
Warping their sense of distinction,
One extreme paradoxically melded into it's opposite,
So seamlessly, making me want to cry at the symmetry of the mind job,
Entangling them on all sides for their blind absolutes;
Liquid vaporizes, and the weak vanish,
That selfsame queen sings sentient melodies, a protracted extraction
Of the weaker stone inscribed sentiments from the strong,
An injection of passion and an ambiguous sense of belief
Inoculating them with the sense to question before they strike;
Someday the world of man will make soldiers of us all
And the next day that world will rue what it has sown,
Wishing it had instead made us into some sort of neo-ronin,
As the planet screams beneath our feet
And the blood rains from the sky
And the liquid rises up to this lesser known queen,
Forged in frozen wastelands and flame engulfed former paradises,
Forcing her to drink or drown.

© Christina Nabity
Written on 4/2/08; For National Poetry Month (April)
posted to aureysphere & my old deviant art account (my current Deviant Art can be found here)

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